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St. Louis "Battle of the Complexions" causes outrage.

A black owned company is holding a “Battle of the Complexions,” which they say is in honor of Black history month. One of the most scandalous trends among black male celebrities is how many openly shun black women and pursue women of other races. Take, for example, the famous black singer Kayne West. He is famous for disrupting three live televised events, included a Red Cross charity telethon, to express his dislike of white people. Yet, at the same time he openly shuns black women. He expresses a preference for white and “light skinned” women in his lyrics and videos.

The promoters are calling for black men to come out and “Support either team-light, team-caramel, or team-chocolate.” Each team is represented by a model who appear to be a Negro, a Quadroon, and an Octoroon. Promoters say the three models represent the different complexions of “the African-American race.” Ironically, two of their models would not even be considered black or Negro in many parts of Africa. Their “light-skinned African American” would be regarded as a white person in Africa.