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St. Paul newspaper launches hate campaign against conservative city council member.

Ed Hanson, a conservative West St. Paul city council member, is being demonized by his local paper for having a barely visible Confederate flag in his back yard.

The extreme left-wing daily newspaper in St. Paul, MN has launched a hate campaign against city council member Ed Hansen. The local paper hates him because he is the most conservative member of the local city government.

The paper is complaining about a barely visible, partially obscured Confederate flag in his back yard! They newspaper is trying turn his neighbors against him by making the absurd claim that a barely visible Confederate flag in his back yard is lowering property values.

Once again the raw hatred of the left wing is on display. They do not believe in free speech or free expression. The left-wing only seeks to silence the opposition through intimidation. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press is clearing trying to chill free speech and free expression.

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