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State bureaucrats strip "Doomsday Prepper" of gun rights.

Was it wise for David Sarti to go on a cable tv network and show off how many guns he owns? Immediately following the show, a flimsy manufactured claim of “mentally defective” was issued to strip him of his gun rights.

Shortly after appearing on the show, he went to the doctor because he was having trouble breathing. The doctor wanted him to check into a hospital immediately. Sarti said he was too busy and the treatment the doctor wanted would have to wait. So the doctor declared him suicidal and the state forcibly hospitalized him. He was also deemed “mentally defective” for allegedly being “suicidal,” and the state of Tennessee confiscated all his guns.

He is now being told by state bureaucrats that there “is no mechanism to  expunge a claim of ‘mentally defective’ from his record.”

The episode highlights the growing power of unelected bureaucrats over American citizens.

On National Geographic “Doomsday Preppers” Sarti talks about the storing food and growing a crises garden. His hobby is monitoring solar flare activity for the possibility of a catastrophic solar flare impact with the earth. Sarti says he is preparing for the possible repeat of the 1850’s solar flare hit that destroyed telegraph lines in the US and Europe. A similar impact today would destroy tens of millions of electronic devices and decimate power grids. The US government estimates that it would one year to restore the US power grid if the same solar flare hit the earth today.

However, National Geographic was most interested in getting Sarti to pose and run around his yard with a Springfield M1A1 rifle, and a tactical vest full of magazines.

[youtube ysu6nR4zo2A]