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The 12 worst racially motivated black spree killers.

The 12 worst black spree killers who targeted white people out of racial hatred. 104 total white fatalities.

Any of these horrific high body count massacres will come as a complete shock to you. With all the movies and documentaries about Charles Manson, the Zodiac killer, Ted Bundy, ect., why is there a complete absence of coverage on the multitudes of black serial and spree killers who targeted white people?

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This does not include the hundreds of whites killed by black serial killers in groups such as the Zebra Killers(carried out by a Nation of Islam splinter group), DC Snipers(former Louis Farrakhan body-guard and his underage homosexual illegal alien boyfriend from Jamaica), the Yahweh Bin Yahweh cult, the New Orleans Black Panther snipers, the De Mau Mau gang of Chicago, the Nat Turner killings, and many more.