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P Diddy celebrates shakedown by screaming "Black Power!"

The Obama administration and the Congressional Black Caucus[CBC] held a $14 Billion dollar media merger hostage until Comcast agreed to broadcast ten new minority (mostly black) owned networks. It is a shakedown by the Obama administration and the CBC led by black militant Rep. Maxine Walters. (Waters is also currently facing an ethics trial)

One of the beneficiaries is black singer P. Diddy. His network will now be carried nationwide not because of anything he did, but because the actions of the CBC working with the Obama administration to force Comcast to carry it. The CBC members cite P. Diddy’s black skin as the sole reason why Comcast must be forced to carry his network.

Watch how P. Diddy celebrates his good fortune at the NBA AllStar Game. When asked how feels about having a new network on Comcast he scream “Black Power.”

[youtube mCpBtngVdSo]