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Black History Month: Liberia

Is this what Detroit and Atlanta will look like in 50 years?

Liberia was founded by the American Re-colonization Society with US President James Monroe a chief sponsor. It was settled by freed American Negro slaves and protected by the US army. It is the longest running black ruled nation in Africa.

Monrovia, named for James Monroe, was originally designed and built by white benefactors as an agrarian town of 4,000. Liberia became a sovereign black ruled nation in 1845.  The oldest in Africa, and the second oldest in the world after Haiti.

Much like Haiti, lucrative natural resources have been completely squandered. Haiti once supplied much of the world with sugar. Today the island has been stripped of top soil and ruined. Liberia has diamonds and other gems. However these are traded to Mexican drug gangs for cocaine and broken down second hand weapons.

For many decades the United States army protected Liberia from neighboring tribes. However, in the 1920s Liberia opened its borders to acquire cheap labor. Soon the Americo-Liberians were vastly outnumbered by indigenous tribal groups.

Like Haiti, conditions in Liberia today are horrifying. Rivalries between tribes and the former ruling class probably make it even much more violent than Haiti. Over the past several decades we have seen “liberated” black nations like Uganda, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Jamaica turn into these hellholes.

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