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The Katrina Memory Hole.


Unidentified hate crime victim on the front cover of the New York Daily News.

When major natural disasters hit South Asia, Japan, and Chile the people showed their best. When a major natural disaster hit “Chocolate City,” something very different occurred.

“All this is being flushed down the media memory hole. In the coming weeks, these events will be hushed up for political correctness.” says CofCC CEO Gordon Baum, Esq. – Sept. 2005

According to the Boston Globe, blacks did not riot, loot, rape, shoot at rescue workers, and murder in New Orleans. Their proof? They claim that since Europeans and Asians do not do these things when natural disasters hit in Europe and Asian, blacks in New Orleans “would contradict much of what sociologists have learned in a half century of research about such situations [in Europe and Asia].” So the view of the Boston Globe is, since Caucasians and Asians don’t do it, let’s cover our eyes and pretend blacks don’t do it either.

Meanwhile, New Orleans police [including NOPD Head Eddie Compass], National Guardsmen, members of the US Military, firefighters, coast guard, volunteer rescue workers, and hundreds of eyewitness accounts all claim mass looting, rampant gang rapes, violent murders, and violence towards rescue workers did happen. I guess they are all biased racists!

“Blood stains several walls [inside the superdome]” says Times-Picayune.

Superdome Laid To Waste – Times-Picayune…

Sgt. Tony Small spent four days in the Superdome as part of the unit assigned to the Superdome.

Sgt. Tony Small, a major crimes cold-case investigator for the New Orleans Police Department, says that rapes and murders did occur. Tells Times-Picayune that one of the rape victims is only two years old. “That’s not rumors,” Small said. “It was horrendous.”

Officials said at least 10 to 12 people died in the Dome, including a man who jumped or was pushed 50 feet to his death from one of the pedestrian walkways. A military police officer also was shot in the leg during an assault.

Unidentified hate crime victim from Getty Images.

Beating victim photograph, taken outside Superdome.

A professional photographer is selling his photographs of the Katrina aftermath online. One of them is a bruised and battered white man attacked inside the Superdome. Earlier the New York Daily News printed a picture of a different white man, bruised and bloody, being carried out of the superdome.

6 or 7 murders in two days inside Superdome

A doctor who’s been tending to the sick and wounded inside the New Orleans Superdome for the last two days described a horrific scene Thursday night.

Asked about the level of violence among the 20,000 displaced residents who sought shelter inside the giant stadium, Dr. Charles Burnell told Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren:

“We had three murders last night. We had a total of six rapes last night. We had the day before, I think, there were three or four murders. There were half-a-dozen rapes that night. We had one suicide last night. We had one military policeman shot.” Dr. Burnell described the Superdome situation as “very unstable, very high tension, a very dangerous environment.”

Murders reported on Fox News

The British and Australian media are reporting that among those murdered are a 14 year old girl who was gang raped to death over a four hour period. A seven year old boy was raped and murdered. A seven year old girl was raped. Several witnessness reported teenage girls being raped in the bathrooms.

Whites in the superdome report being verbally abused with racial slurs, threatened with murder for being white, and beaten by black mobs.

Much like the 30 British students who banded together, Australians report banding together to protect the women among them from being raped.

From Herald Sun…

Mr Hopes, 32, said: “That was the worst place in the universe. Ninety-eight per cent of the people around the world are good. In that place, 98 per cent of the people were bad.

“Everyone brought their drugs, they brought guns, they brought knives. Soldiers were shot.

Realising that foreigners were a target, Mr Hopes and the other Aussies gathered tourists from Europe, South America and elsewhere into one part of the building.

“There were 65 of us, so we were able to look after each other — especially the girls who were being grabbed and threatened.” Mr Hopes said.

He said they had organized escorts for the women when they had gone for food or to the toilet, and rosters to keep guard while others slept.

“We sat through the night just watching each other, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning.”

Mr Hopes said the Australians owed their lives to a National Guard Staff Sgt Garland Ogden, who had broken the rules to get the tourists out of the dome, with 60 people being evacuated to a medical center.

Mr McNeil said he could see a change in his son. “They’ve been traumatized,” he said. “I think they’ve witnessed several atrocities.”

“When whispers should be shouts.” Pittsburgh Tribune columnist wants to know why media is not reporting on murders and rapes at Superdome.

Read Column in Pittsburgh Tribune

This post is a reprint of a posting on from Sept. 12, 2005. Many of the original links to media articles are no longer valid and were removed for this repost. will be revisiting some of stories related to Katrina from time to time. In the upcoming issue of our newspaper, the Citizen Informer, we will have a shocking eyewitness account of the Katrina aftermath from someone who is in some of the most violent parts of New Orleans working in a law enforcement capacity. – News Team