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The Obama activist who was murdered for being white.

Kirsten Brydum. Socialist activist murdered for being white while campaigning for Obama.

We continue to have a lot of people looking at our old archived posts about the 2008 murder of Obama campaigner Brydum. So we decided to revisit the story.

Kirsten Brydum was a radical socialist/”progressive” activist from San Fransisco. When the last presidential primaries began, she liked Obama so much she started traveling the nation campaigning for him. She traveled via Greyhound alone. She was armed only with a list of phone numbers for radical socialist and “anarchist bookstores” around the country. As she went to each new city, she would meet up with local socialist activists.  However, two months into her campaign, things got ugly when she came to New Orleans.

She left a jazz club at 1:30 AM and was promptly murdered while riding her bicycle through a black neighborhood. She was shot four times in the face. Whoever shot her really enjoyed what he was doing, and did so in a crowded urban area. Scores of people would have easily heard four gun shots, but no one called police. Her body remained on the side of a busy street until a construction crew drove by the next morning and saw it. None of the local residents would call the police. The New Orleans police announced that the motivation was not robbery or sexual assault. Someone had simply killed Brydum for the fun of it. Racial hatred for white people was undoubtedly the primary motivation.

Now imagine for a second that a black woman had been in a white neighborhood campaigning for John McCain. Imagine that she was murdered and her body was visible to traffic on a busy road for hours and no one would call the police. This would have been the biggest news story in the United States.

However, the media aggressively censored this story. The radical left-wing San Fransisco Chronicle shamelessly covered up the details of the murder. They even printed blatant lies about a New Orleans police statement to confuse the public about what happened. Brydum’s own network of “progressive,” “socialist,” and “anarchist” friends refused to even discuss the details of the murder openly.

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No suspect has ever been arrested. In October of 2010, police increase the reward for information to $10,000.