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Two white teen girls bombarded with threats of violence.

Two teen girls posted a video on youtube complaining about the behavior of blacks at their school. The pair have been bombarded with death threats, and demonized by their local media.

The two girls have been forced to withdraw from school and the local police have mobilized against the threat of violence against them.

Yet, even as the two girls are bombarded with death threats, the media has the audacity to suggest that the girls are “cyber bullies.” They are made out to be the perpetrators and the people sending them death threats are somehow the victims.

Multitudes of anti-white diatribes are posted on youtube all the time and none of the people behind them are ever accused of cyber-bullying. If the two girls had been black and complaining about whites, you would never hear about. Or if you did, it would be about how white people must be doing something really bad to make the girls so angry.

When it comes to race, all we see in the “mainstream” media is total hypocrisy.

Watch how a local media station demonized the two girls without even a single quote as to what they consider “racist” and “hate speech.” The anchorwoman seems to lament that she can not legally give out the names of the two girls.

[youtube a1eZrkbS7Es]