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USA Today: Blacks must act to keep Black politicians in power.

USA Today published a column urging Blacks to take long-term action to protect the political power of the Black race as the numbers of Latinos surge.

The columnist says that the “downside” of immigration is that the number of majority Black congressional districts is dwindling. The column reads “The most extreme evidence of this trend is in Washington, D.C. Who would have thought that Washington, once called “Chocolate City” with a black population as high as 70% in 1970, would dwindle to the point where blacks are now 50%, and dropping. ”

The columnist says that Black politicians must now pander to Latino immigrants to stay in power.

The USA Today column says the only alternative is for blacks to reverse their dispersion and move back into majority black areas. The author says this is happening in the South and “hopefully, as this trend continues, it will improve the chances for blacks seeking office.”

Gee, can you imagine USA Today publishing an article advocating that White people go out of their way to support White politicians. Can you imagine USA Today telling groups of White people they should move to help keep more White people in political office? Imagine that USA Today published a column reading “the downside of immigration is that White people are losing political power.”

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