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Waitress attacked in vicious St. Louis hate crime.

St. Louis, MO is another hotbed of violent racially motivated attacks against whites. Black violence is completely out of control and St. Louis prosecutors play footsie with the thugs.

St. Louis prosecutors absolutely refuse to charge any black perpetrators with a hate crime. In fact, seven suspects in a particularly vicious unprovoked racially motivated mob attack we set free recently. St. Louis prosecutors claimed their was not enough evidence despite three witnesses, one of whom was the mayor of St. Louis. Mayor Slay said the perps would have beaten the victim to death had he not happened to be driving by at the time. Slay says the thugs should be charged with attempted murder.

After being freed, the suspects cheered and gloated at the courthouse. Two of the thugs then allegedly threaten the suspect within days of having their charges dropped.

The top prosecutor in St. Louis is Jennifer Joyce. She is an Obama supporting fanatic who once appeared on local tv claiming she would go after critics of Obama. Her statements seemed to imply that she would charge critics of Obama with criminal libel. The CofCC accused Joyce of intentionally trying to silence critics of Obama by making people think they could be charged with a crime.

The CofCC played a large role in getting major media coverage over her comments. She immediately began backpedaling. She should be spending less time cheer-leading for Obama and more time prosecuting the vicious thugs who have St. Louis under siege.