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What is being "Authentically African?"

Kinshasa was built in the Congo by Belgians. It was known as Kinshasa the Beautiful, and it was the jewel of Central Africa. However, 52 years ago the Belgians were expelled from the Congo.The government of the Congo instituted a program called “athenticite” or “authentic.” The mission was to reverse the influence of Western culture on the indigenous Africans. They wanted to be “authentically African.” We see the same language among black militants in the United States. Is this what race hustlers like Al Sharpton have in mind when they talk about being “Authentically Black.”

How has Kinshasa the Beautiful fared under “Authentic” Black rule? Is this the fate that awaits New Orleans, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC, and others?

Keep in mind that the US State Deparment describes the nation as having “vast natural resources and mineral wealth.” The State Department lists copper, cobalt, gold, coltan, tin, zinc, diamonds, neodymium, and lanthanum among the largely untapped resources.. There is currently a world-wide shortage on neodymium and lanthanum, and they can be mined cheaply in the Congo. These rare minerals go untapped in the Congo while China uses their supply to advance their foreign policy agenda in Asian.

From Occidental Dissent…

Christian names were rejected in favor of African names, Western suits and ties were rejected in favor of African tunics, visiting heads of state were greeted by African drums and singing instead of the traditional 21 gun salute, the Congolese people were required by law to “mentally decolonize” themselves from Western influence.

“Authenticité is the realization by the Zairean people that it must return to its origins, seek out the values of its ancestors, to discover those which contribute to harmonious and natural development. It is the refusal to blindly embrace imported ideologies. It is, in short, the affirmation of mankind, in its place, with its mental and social structures.”

As we saw in Black History Month 2012: Rape in the Congo, “authenticité” has been a marvelous success: history has been thrown into reverse and Congo is returning to its old ways of cannibalism, gang rape, witchcraft, genocide, and slavery.

The garbage is piling up in the streets, the jungle is overtaking highways, the rail system has broken down, the roads are collapsing into sinkholes, the mines have collapsed, the factories are rusting, the currency has been destroyed, law and order has collapsed, hotels, schools, and hospitals are being abandoned, banking and credit are almost gone … it is a leftist dream come true, the “noble savage” in the Congo is returning to the “state of the nature” where Henry Morton Stanley found him.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by exploring Kin La Poubelle and the achievements of black public administrators in the Democratic Republic of Congo which gives us a preview of what Detroit and New Orleans would look like if these cities were ever allowed to be authentically black.