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What is the Council of Conservative Citizens?

CofCC BannerThe Council of Conservative Citizens, the no longer silent majority, — is a genuinely active national organization — effectively organizing and winning!

The C of CC was organized by conservative leaders from throughout the nation, who met in Atlanta, Georgia to build an updated organization in which the “silent majority” could participate at the local, state, and national levels.

We’re organizing conservative activists, developing unity, and successfully building a network of chapters and supporters at the grass-roots level nationwide to serve as a responsible, effective voice and active advocate for the no-longer silent conservative majority. This is a unification movement that is desperately needed and long overdue.

Individualistic-minded conservatives have failed to properly organize while the Left (being more collectivist-minded) has developed organization into an “art form.” Most politicians will cater to those blocs that they perceive as being able to help (or hurt) them the most at the ballot box.

However, a purely national group has little local influence — and “all politics is local.” On the other hand, purely local groups with no national or regional structural coordination fractionate our efforts and dissipate our resources. Single issue groups, while performing an important role, are too narrowly focused.

We know that conservatives can rebuild their political power only by beginning at the “grass roots,” unifying our efforts and focusing our resources. Our local groups work at the local level on local issues, and cooperate nationally to bring their power to bear on the important national issues. Others put their faith in Washington lobbyists to accomplish the difficult job of getting the conservative viewpoint before Congress. We rely on the people back home. Others put their faith in political parties to get the conservative message to federal, state, and local officials. We rely on the members of our local chapters to tell officials directly what conservatives want, if necessary at the ballot box, and encouraging sound conservatives to run for office, and volunteers and workers to support the candidates. And it’s working!

We’re winning the attention of politicians and the confidence of voters. After only a short time, the CofCC has had a major effect simply because we recognize that a victory achieved or election won at the local level is far more important than any number of prestigious contests or races lost.

We have winning experience. The Council of Conservative Citizens is unique in another way — it was founded and is staffed by men and women whose political experience comes from every responsible social movement, conservative organization, and effective political party in America. Our founders, officers, and members include conservative academics, expert political organizers, union officers, farmers, businessmen, professionals, and elected officials. Together, we represent the total experience of the conservative movement in America.

We know who we are through our affiliation with the new Conservative Citizens Foundation. The Foundation (which does not advocate or oppose legislation or candidates) conducts in depth surveys and studies of the views, attitudes, and priorities both of conservatives and of the public at large – something no other conservative group is doing. Using information supplied by the non-partisan CCF, the Council educates Americans on and organizes them around the issues they themselves feel to be important, issues that are critical for America.

To win we must build locally, and unify and focus our resources and efforts.