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Zulu King denounces the behavoir of Congolese immigrants.

While left-wing Whites in the US whine that the America’s red carpet for immigrants isn’t quite red enough, they ought to take a look at how immigrants are treated in the countries these people come from.

In South Africa, illegal immigrants are routinely beaten to death by mobs. ANC hardliners are known for attacking illegal aliens from Zimbabwe, accusing them of being “disloyal” to Mugabe. However, when it come to violence against foreigners, South African Zulus are world leaders.

Statement from the Zulu King (the last sentence is being called a thinly veiled threat of violence) :

“I understand that South Africa is a democratic country and welcomes people from different countries who have run away from their countries for different reasons.As a result, South Africa is home to many Africans, but I must express my disappointment at the behaviour of these people.

Their marching to parliament was disappointing. They come to South Africa as immigrants, but once they are here they make themselves freedom fighters, who in turn tarnish the good image of South Africa,” he said.A group of about 300 Congolese marched to parliament to demand that president, Jacob Zuma denounce the re-election of president Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “They must understand that Zuma was elected by the majority of South Africans and they don’t have a right to march against him. It boggles [the] mind that an immigrant who left his country for political reasons can come and act like that.

If such behaviour is allowed to continue, I have no doubt that locals might ask themselves many questions and I hope it will never happen.”