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13 year old monster coddled for horrific near fatal hate crime.

On the evening of October 30th, 2011 Marion Salmon Hedges was at Costco in Harlem to buy Halloween candy for a neighborhood community center benefiting “underprivileged” children in Harlem.

Two black children, both aged only 12, had something other than candy on their mind. They waited for the 46 year old woman, who had her young son with her, to walk underneath the edge of a parking garage. They hurled a shopping cart at her. The sole motivation appears to be a desire to cause extreme harm to a white person. Hedges was nearly killed in the attack, and is still in recovery.

Manhattan Family Court Judge Susan Larabee blamed society and coddled the thirteen year old psychopath. She said he only needs some therapy to make him all better. The now 13 year old was sentenced to as little as six month in the plush low-security therapeutic home in Westchester County.

Hedges’ husband is blaming the mall. He filed a lawsuit against the mall saying they lacked enough security guards.

The bottom line is, the media would like everyone to know that it absolutely positively isn’t little Jeovanni’s fault in any way.

In as little as six months Jeovanni will emerge from his plush exspensive resort and be treated as hero in the black thug culture.