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African "refugees" brutally beat 12 year old in vicious hate crime.


This would be a major national news story if the races were reversed. These “refugees” are being brought to the United States with YOUR tax dollars. Obama is given Federal grants to charities in New Hampshire to bring these people to America. The perpetrators are from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Even the local news is CENSORING the race of the perpetrators. SHAME on Fox Boston for putting the public at greater risk by censoring who the perpetrators are! The family of the victim had to fight just to get what little censored news coverage they got.

The “mainstream media” wants to HIDE this from the American public. Send this link to everyone you know. Facebook share. Send this out on twitter, digg, and reddit. We must inform the American public what is really happened. The next twelve-year-old girl who is brutally attacked may be your own.

Recently major “mainstream” media bosses have publicly confessed to censoring black crime.