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ANC expands employment bans to mixed race peoples.

This photo shows a large extended family of Cape Coloureds. They are largely a mixed race people. Primarily Negro and Caucasian, but some are part Khoisan or Malay.

Under the Communist ANC regime, white poverty has doubled. This is because whites are legally barred from being hired in many sectors. White owned businesses, even many small family businesses, have been seized by the government.

A leaked internal document shows that the ANC has secretly expanded prohibitions on employment to the so-called “Cape Coloureds.” This refers mainly to mixed race people centered in Cape Province. Khoisan peoples, who are sometimes grouped with the Coloureds, are excluded from prohibitions on employment. Khoisan people are indigenous sub-Saharan Africans, but a different race than Negroes. At one time they inhabited a large area of southern Africa. They have been largely wiped out and absorbed by members of the Negro race, and primarily only now live in the Kalahari Desert. Nelson Mandela is 1/4th Khoisan.

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The SPLC would like to remind you that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the ANC favors black people or harbors any racial animosity.