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ANC moving to change constitution. Wants one party Communist state.

The “Democratic” ANC is making moves to create the one party communist, which was it’s desire all along.

* The principle of ubuntu (essentially communism) should be introduced to the school curriculum.
* All school textbooks would be pushing by a state-owned entity.
* Introducing compulsory community service for all university graduates
* Pushing ahead with a media appeals tribunal.
* Scrapping of inflation targeting and sunset clauses.
* Give national government the power to intervene in provinces.

From South Africa News24…

The ANC is contemplating dramatic changes to the country’s Constitution, including scrapping the “sunset clauses” and changing the powers of the Reserve Bank and provinces.

City Press is in possession of draft policy documents that will be distributed to the party’s branches on Monday ahead of its policy conference in June.

The documents are likely to shape the direction of government programmes if adopted at the ANC’s national conference in December.

In a section on strategy and tactics titled “The second transition”, the ANC says the Constitution of 1996 “may have been appropriate for a political transition, but it has proven inadequate and even inappropriate for a social and economic transformation phase”.