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Another "knockout" game victim in St. Louis.

Victim of near fatal "knockout game" violence. Photo from KSDK, St. Louis Channel 5.

Another white man was brutally beaten while riding his bike in St. Louis, MO. The local media are calling him a victim of “the knockout game.” There have been several other victims of this “game.” All the victims have been white or Asian. All the perpetrators have been black. In fact, the term “knockout game” is really just a cutesy local media euphemism for racially motivated mob attacks committed by young blacks. Kinda like “flash mob” in the Philadelphia media.

All the perpetrators have been black. There is a huge controversy going on over the reluctance of the St. Louis prosecutors to prosecute the black perpetrators of “knockout game” violence. At least one victim, an Asian man, was beaten to death. Another man, who was white, was saved by the mayor and a police officer. The mayor of St. Louis just happened to be driving by with an off duty officer and they chased off the attackers. The suspects were later arrested. Mayor Slay said they should be charged with attempted murder. St. Louis prosecutors said that even though there were three witnesses, there was “not enough evidence” and set them free. The suspect cheered and gloated at the courthouse. A few days later, two of the suspects allegedly threatened the victim with more violence.

Where are the rallies? Where are the phone calls from Barack Obama? Where is the DOJ?

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