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Arne Duncan: put black male teachers in the classroom.

Arne Duncan was a white basketball star in college who was known for talking with a black accent. Obama picked him to head the Department of Education because of his aggressive pandering to blacks.

Remember when left-wing whites were saying that black school children would behave better and study harder if they had a black role model in the White House? It didn’t work. In fact, black behavior in the public schools is getting even worse. Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary, says the problem is the lack of black males in the schools. How about the lack of any black males in the children’s homes?

From American Thinker…

Our education secretary, Arne Duncan, offered the following bizarre claim: “I think all of our students benefit from having a black male in the classroom.”

Black males represent only one out of every 50 teachers, and that’s a major social problem, according to the federal government. The solution is de rigueur racial preferences and more government spending. With that solution in mind, the federal government is now going to devote untold resources to a program called the TEACH Campaign.

The goal of the program is to “increase the number, quality, and diversity of teachers in the classroom.” The methods employed are described only in warm and fuzzy terms, such as “trying to recruit more African-American men to go into teaching straight out of college.” The premise of the program is that black students, especially black males, would benefit from a black male role model in the classroom. While there may be some minimal short-term benefit to such an approach, the long-term implications are exceptionally troubling.

College-educated black men will be aware of what awaits in “disadvantaged” classrooms. They will be familiar with the slander, repeated by too many black students, that getting good grades is “acting white.” Given that mentality, the teacher is just someone who helps black kids “act white.” Black men, many of whom are directly familiar with the challenges that await teachers, will quite reasonably choose other careers. Or, rather, if they do become teachers, they will generally prefer not to teach in poorly performing schools where their racial identity would ostensibly be of greatest benefit.

As dubious as race-based education is, many will argue that it is a necessary evil in response to a dire educational problem. Duncan points out:

… [W]e’re competing with the gangs, we’re competing with the drug dealers on the corner, and when students fall through the cracks, when young people don’t have that positive mentor, in a school setting, in the church or community, there’s always a guy on the street corner that can say come my way.

In other words, to counter the disastrous effects of ghetto culture, it may be necessary to engage in patently race-based social engineering.

So this is what liberalism has come to: we’re meeting cultural decline with bad policy. Perhaps we can take some comfort in knowing that the students themselves haven’t advocated for race-based education. Rather, educational experts — many of whom are white and almost all of whom are liberal — have decided that young black men should be taught more often by black men. Aside from the blatant racial hypocrisy involved, race-based education is another desperate effort to alter a subculture that is actively refusing the clear path to opportunity, which is so clearly laid out by free K-12 public education.