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Black teen says "I'm not sorry" for beating 65 year old white man to death

Frank Motta. An 18 year old black male thug has been charged with his murder.

Justice for Frank Motta! Where are the hate crime charges?

Police say Lewis is a violent 18 year old black male gangbanger. He is charged with killing Frank Motta, a 65 year old good Samaritan who was trying to help a neighbor.

From KXLY…

Detectives say Lewis is a gang associate and had admitted hitting Motta in the jaw back on March 10. The former principal and Air Force vet fell to the ground suffering multiple skull fractures when his head hit the floor.

Lewis says he got physical with Motta when the victim pushed his pregnant girlfriend, although investigators have not found any witnesses who will back up that self defense claim.

In fact it’s Lewis who is accused of beating up a woman at a different party back in June because he thought she was a snitch. Lewis was waiting to stand trial on that charge when he had his run in with Motta.

[youtube CqWvLJHj6-I]