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"Teens" shoot up Waffle House in Georgia.

Two vicious thugs shot up a Waffle House in Fulton County, Georgia injuring a woman and an off-duty police officer. Victims and witnesses gave detailed descriptions of the suspects to police. However, the media is placing the public in danger by not releasing their descriptions. This is usually done to hide the fact that the suspects are black.

Check out this “report” by Channel 2 Atlanta. They say “police had a good description.” Then they CENSOR the description. Police want the media to give out the descriptions of suspect. Censoring the description puts the public in danger, especially when the suspects are still at large, Channel 2 Atlanta is putting political correctness ahead of public safety!

In the recent past, several major media bosses have publicly confessed to aggressively censoring black crime and concealing the race of black suspects.


This vicious hate crime occurred last New Year’s Eve. A black thug robs a Waffle House and shoots a white female patron four times, even though she posed no threat to him. The victim was shot in the face and three times in the body. She survived, but is permanently maimed and can barely talk. Police say the motive is “not clear.” Heroic patrons tackled the gunman after the shooting and held him for police.