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Black NYFD society shows open hostility towards whites.

The Brooklyn based “Vulcan Society” is a race based black only firefighter fraternal group. The group has been going door to door in black neighborhoods to recruit black firefighter applicants in New York City. The group says it has assisted thousands of applicants in filing the necessary paperwork to take the exam and get a waiver for a fee.

The Vulcan Society is also part of a Federal lawsuit to force the NYFD to lower it’s standards and give black applicants preferential treatment.

However, the group turned openly hostile towards white people two nights ago. The Vulcan Society advertised a pre-exam preparation workshop to assist firefighter applicants. Members of the group then barred sixty white people from getting into the workshop. Police and union reps rushed to the scene to prevent things from turning ugly.

If the races had been reversed, this would be one of the biggest national news stories in the entire United States right now! Instead it is a small blurb in only one of several major NYC papers.

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