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Is CBS Houston intentionally misleading their viewers?

Photo from CBS Houston. It is extremely unlikely that this child bears any resemblance to the actual children caught having oral sex at school.

Two elementary school children were caught having oral sex underneath a desk at Tallulah Elementary School in Tallulah, Louisiana. According to, the school in question is 80% black and only 14% white.

What CBS Houston does is a perfect example of what we call “phase 2” media censorship of black crime. The station shows an unrelated stock photograph of a white student. Instead of simply censoring the race of the perpetrator when a black commits a crime (that is phase 1), media outlets will actually show an unrelated stock photo of a white person to try to trick the public into assuming the perpetrator or perpetrators were white.

In the next issue of the Citizens’ Informer newspaper, we will be publishing a full expose on “phase 2” style media censorship of black crime. We will also discuss the new tricks that have emerged recently in the Swedish media, which we are calling “phase 3.”

The staff of feels that the CNS Houston report is not only intentionally misleading, it is tantamount libel against the handful of unfortunate white children attending Tallulah Elementary.

CBS Houston Article.