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CNN aggressively stirring up racial hatred against whites.

According to Think Progress, by noon on March 19th, CNN had already run 44 segments about the Trayvon Martin shooting. Take a look at this new clip from today. Is CNN reporting the news, or are they just blatantly trying to stir up black hatred against whites.

Keep in mind that blacks murder well over 500 white people per year in the USA.
A white on black murder is an extreme rarity. 94%, or higher, of all black homicide victims are killed by blacks. Most of the rest are killed by Latinos. Latinos murdered about 1,000 people in California each year for 2009 and 2010. The high percentage of black victims of Latino murderers in California alone constitutes the lion share of the 6% of black homicide victims of non-blacks. White on black homicide is an extreme rarity. However, when it does happen it warrants more media coverage than all the whites killed by blacks put together.

The number of whites murdered by a black or Latino exceeded 1,000 in 2009. It is safe to assume that black were the majority of the perpetrators.

We are forced to ask. Is CNN trying to get black people to riot?