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Evidence shows Florida double murder was racially motivated

Photo From UK Mail Online. Does this man also look like Obama's son.

Despite evidence that Shawn Tyson killed two British tourists out of racial hatred in Florida, the US media is still censoring the case. Only the British media has been talking about. The racially motivated Florida double murder of two British tourists has received about 1/1,000th of 1% of the coverage that Trayvon Martin has received.

Two British tourists, unfamiliar with the city, wandered into an all black part of Sarasota, Florida. Prosecutors believe that Shawn targeted them on sight because they were white. Shawn made them pull down their pants to humiliate them and then shot them as they begged for their lives.

From UK Mail Online…

Also on Monday, another witness, Jermaine Bane, said Tyson accidentally called him the night of the slayings, and Bane heard Tyson say to someone ‘Who are those crackers walking past the park?’ Shortly after that, Bane testified he heard gunshots. He described a cracker as a white person.

His friend Mr Bane today told the court he received several phone calls from Tyson both before and after he heard gunshots in the early hours of April 16.