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Facebook goes on censorship rampage.

For years Facebook was solidly the domain of the left-wing. However, as the site surged to become the second biggest website in the world, the number of conservatives also surged.

A few days ago, Facebook began a massive purge of conservatives. Facebook started deleting conservative Facebook groups, as well as the accounts of users who regularly post conservative news items. Most deletions occurred without any warning or explanation. Facebook also deleted the CofCC Facebook group, which was a thriving active community of almost 1,000 users. The deletion occurred late last night without any warning or explanation whatsoever.

Based on the number of e-mails and messages received by the staff at, the total number of active conservatives deleted from Facebook in the past few days may number in the thousands.

Most say they plan to start a new account. Facebook is so big, that conservatives don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach people on the site. In fact, receives 200-500 visitors per day who click on a link posted on Facebook.

There is an easy and highly effective way to fight back against Google and Facebook censorship.

Use the Mozilla Firefox browser with the Ad-Block add-on. This add-on will block all Facebook and Google ads. It will make the internet more enjoyable. Facebook will actually run faster when you are using the ad-blocker. Sites heavy in Google ads will also run faster. is blocked by Google News, even though they index multitudes of tiny left-wing personal blogs which do not even meet Google’s own stated criteria to be part of the service. Google clearly shows favoritism for the left. used to participate in the Google ad network. However, one newspaper reporter in Florida complained about it, and Google immediately blocked this site from the network. Since Google and Facebook are blocking the CofCC from participating in their services, block their ads.

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox if you do not already have it. Firefox is superior to Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Once Firefox is installed, click here to download the Adblock Plus add-on.

Both of these programs are free. I promise you that once you are using both, the internet will run faster for you. The best part is, it will even block commercials on Google owned Youtube! Watch all your YouTube videos commercial free.