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Hillary Clinton's "Democracy Activists" to break major alliance with US.

The US State Department has spent Billions of US tax dollars to create “Democracy” in the United States. Hillary Clinton assured the American public that Egypt would magically become a Western Democracy that the US could be proud off. predicted that it would blow up Hillary Clinton’s face, that the Muslim Brotherhood would be the most powerful political party, that there would be mass violence and murder committed against Egyptian Christians, and that Egypt would reverse its decades old (US taxpayer paid for) cooperation with the US and throw open the gates to the Gaza Strip for Jihadists.

Everything that predicted has come true faster than anyone could have guessed.

Tens of Billions of US taxpayer dollars to “pay for peace in the Middle East” have been flushed down the toilet by Hillary and Obama. Well over $100 Billion US tax payer dollars have been given to Israel, Egypt, the Palestinians, and Jordan to accept and abide by US brokered peace treaties in a policy known as “Paying for Peace.” Before Hillary decided that Egypt needed democracy, Egypt was on it’s best behavior and aggressively defending Israel’s border. Hillary Clinton will be remembered by historians as the most failed Secretary of State in the history of the US State Department.