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Huffington Post Author: Israel must be Jewish, American must be 3rd world melting pot.

According to Rosensaft "Israel's Jewish Essence Is Non-Negotiable" and "permanent, eternal Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel is non-negotiable." He also says white Americans who advocate against 3rd world immigration are a "scourge."

Left-wing radical and Huffington Post columnists Menachem Rosensaft says Peter Brimlow, Jared Taylor, and the late CofCC leader Dr. Samuel Francis are some very bad men. Rosensaft says that advocating for a white immigration policy is bad, and that white Americans must stand silent as the entire 3rd world pours into the United States. Rosensaft’s anti-conservative diatribe is titled “White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away.


Like most left-wingers, Rosensaft is an extreme hypocrite! Just months ago, the Huffington Post published a column by Rosensaft titled “Israel’s Jewish Essence Is Non-Negotiable.”

In that column Rosensaft advocates for Israel the exact same identical policies that Brimlow, Tayloe, and Francis are famous for advocating.

Rosensaft lays out his argument that Israel was Jewish for a long time, its Jewish now, and Jewish it shall stay. He says that Palestinians nor the UN get to decide what type of country Israel should become. He completely rejects multiculturalism for Israel.

Rosensaft states “permanent, eternal Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel is non-negotiable.” The same Rosensaft, who is probably to much of a coward to live in Israel himself, then demonizes Taylor, Brimelow, and Francis for suggesting that the US have a better immigration policy.

Rosensaft, did you think we would not notice this extreme hypocrisy?

It is time to call out the left-wing for their hypocrisy! The emperor wears no clothes!