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Kansas City, MO hate crime crime horror makes national news.

Four days ago, reported on the unprovoked racially motivated attack on a thirteen year old white child in Kansas City, MO. Two black thugs attacked the child, poured gasoline on his face and head and set him on fire. At the time it was only receiving local attention and most local media outlets were censoring the race of the victim. This time, the media has not been able to ignore the attack. Because of the internet and sites like, the story has been forced into the national spotlight.

Many national media outlets are now reporting the story.

New York Daily News.
Huffington Post.
UK Daily Mail.

This highlights why it is so important for our readers to promote the stories on the website. There have been several instances where a major media outlet referenced this website in a story that had originally received only minor attention. There are other instances where a writer or columnist wrote about something we drew attention to and lifted phrases straight off of this website.