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Las Vegas Sun prints anti-white hate piece.

Lewis Diuguid works for the Kansas City Star. He is a militant Black Power activist. He belongs to the NAACP and other black race based groups. He is also a "certified diversity facilitator."

According to a bizarre, hate filled column in the Las Vegas Sun, Latinos and blacks are failures. Latinos and blacks will continue to be failures for the foreseeable future. So much so that they will cause the United States to loose its status as a superpower.

The column blames white people. In fact it says that even when whites become a minority in 2042, Latinos and blacks will still be failures, and it will still be the fault of white people. The column says that things white people allegedly did in the 1700s will cause Latinos and blacks to continue to be failures thirty years from now and beyond.

From Las Vegas Sun…

Because of this country’s racist past, the future for people of color, and the United States overall, doesn’t look too promising.

That was the conclusion of a United for a Fair Economy report. Consider that in 1980, the U.S. population was 80 percent white.

By 2010, the white portion had dropped to 65 percent. The Census Bureau now projects that by 2042, the United States will become a majority-minority nation, eight years sooner than once predicted.

The challenge is America’s history of discrimination has created an enduring legacy of economic oppression for people of color.

There simply won’t be broad enough a base of high-wage, taxpaying young people of color to maintain the U.S. as a superpower.

The continuing racial disparity will be too great to ignore, the report warns. “The country runs the risk of becoming disturbingly similar to apartheid-era South Africa, with a minority of relatively well-to-do whites barricaded in gated communities, using the full force of the law to protect their wealth to the exclusion of others.

“Tolerating the continued economic marginalization of blacks and Latinos will drag down the entire economy and shred the very social fabric of our nation as people of color make up a larger and larger share of the population.”