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Leader of NBPP rival threatened to burn down Detroit.

There has been great confusion over who threatened to burn down Detroit. It turns out there are two black power groups with almost the same name, who’s leaders share the same made up names.

The New Black Panther Party [NBPP] follows the Nation of Islam cult and believes that an apocalyptic race war is coming. They say America will be burned with fire and all whites will be exterminated in North America.

The New Black Panther Nation [NBPN] is a rival group supposedly made up of Marxist black Christians. The NBPN says it more concerned with fighting drugs and gangs than armed revolution and race war.

Both groups are led by a Malik Shabazz. The name Shabazz is a fictional “African Scientist” in Nation of Islam theology. It is widely used by black militants because it was the surname adopted by Malcolm X. It is Persian for Eagle. The barely literate founder of the Nation of Islam claimed it was Arabic and once the name of a large African tribe. Malik is a common Arab name that means “chief.”

LeDuff to Minister Malik Shabazz: Burn Down Detroit, Are You Out of Your Mind?: