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Left-wing pushes black pop stars because, "rock music makes whites racist."

Even when Estonian pop star Kerli is on tour in all white former East bloc nations, her American producers place black males on stage with her as backup dancers. This is done on purpose to condition white people. Kerli is produced by David Maurice, Lester Mendez, Guy Chambers, Dead Executives, and Mathias Wollo.

There is a long history of the US entertainment industry favoring black performers, especially musicians and singers. So much so, that the majority of all acts played on most pop radio stations are black. White pop stars like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and even Estonian pop star Kerlie, are always paired with black male backup dancers. White rap star Eminem is paired with black gangster rapper Dr. Dre, whos original band was titled “N@#$%rs With Attitudes.” This is not an accident. This is by design.

Now a major University study shows that white people show increased altruism towards blacks after listening to black entertainers.

The effect is not seen after listened to white rock stars. Of course the radical left does not characterize this as being “less altruistic.” They call it being “more racist.”

The effect is very short term. So whites must be constantly bombarded with black pop stars to maintain the effect and condition whites.

Ironically, the left-wing boobs at the University of Minnesota target the White Stripes as an example of a a rock band that “makes you racist.” The White Stripes have some very left-wing lyrics, including one song that advocates open borders.

So even a left-wing white rock band, “makes white people racist.”