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Libyans building border wall out of trash to keep sub-Saharan Africans out.

Libyans are building a wall of trash to block sub-Saharan Negro immigrants from illegally entering the country.

After the US/NATO sponsored civil war, Libya is full of wreckage. Now Libyans are moving that wreckage south to create a border wall.

From BBC…

Although there was relatively little fighting in this dusty, run-down town during last year’s uprising against Libya’s former leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, there have been violent clashes in recent weeks in which more than 100 people have lost their lives.

The fighting has been between local Arab Zwia groups and the Tabu – black Africans associated with the smuggling trade from Chad and further afield.

The Tabu have been accused of fomenting violence and instability to keep the border tense and their smuggling routes open.

Perhaps predictably, caught up in the middle are thousands of refugees and economic migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

Migrants seeking jobs and a better life or fleeing violence in their home countries have often moved through Libya and used Kufra as a staging point.

But the new Libyan government says the situation along its southern border is becoming unmanageable.

To be more exact the concerns and complaints come from local officials in the Kufra region – there is no sense of any central authority here in the desert, and that is part of the problem.