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Family describes George Zimmerman as "Hispanic." Media caught lying again.

George Zimmerman is the product of a white parent and a Latino immigrant parent. However the media has found it politically convenient to simply call him "white."

Every day in the US white people are murdered, raped, and beaten from black perpetrators. In almost all cases, there is little to no media coverage. So why is there so much coverage about a neighborhood watch captain shooting a 17-year-old teen. A search on google shows all the major cable news outlets, all the major websites, and hundreds of newspaper aggressively promoting the story from the point of view of the grieving family of the deceased. This is Agitation Propaganda (agitprop) 101.

There is definitely one detail the media is playing fast and loose with. The man fired the gun is universally described as “white.” The media wants him to be white. Having a white shooter fits their political agenda. Most media outlets are not showing his picture, even though a picture is available. All you hear and see is “George Zimmerman, white man!” What they aren’t telling you is the mother of Zimmerman is a Latino immigrant.

Robert Zimmerman, the father, told the Orlando Sentinal “George Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family.”

Barack Obama also has one white parent. The media never calls him a “white man.”