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Media continues to hammer "Zimmerman is a white man" lie

The media continues to relentlessly hammer the George Zimmerman story, while ignoring multitudes of actual horrific black on white murders. After two solid weeks of pounding this story, there is absolutely no let up.

However, the fact that Zimmerman is a Hispanic, does not fit the narrative that the left-wing media wants to create.

Zimmerman is described by his family as “Hispanic,” and “multiracial.” He clearly has a Latino/Mestizo appearance. However, most media outlets are still omitting any picture of Zimmerman so that readers do not question the claim that he is white. Let’s look at what the latest crop of articles are saying.

ABC National News, March 18th: “Zimmerman, 28, who is white”
Chicago Tribune, March 19th: “George Zimmerman, 28, who is white”
Miami Herald, March 18th: “fatally shot by a white neighborhood”

I could only find one article out of several dozen I inspected that said Zimmerman was a Hispanic.

Washington Times, March 18th: “George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, who is Hispanic”

Almost all article portray the story from the point of view of the grieving family. Details are being withheld and distorted. Very few articles, out of the now thousands, add the detail that the neighborhood had some recent break-ins and neighbors were on high alert for a possible burglar. This is classic agitation propaganda by the so-called “mainstream” media.