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Media's "Zimmerman/Martin" rampage continues.

Last weekend black and Latino gangbangers slaughtered ten people and wounded another forty in the city of Chicago alone. One of the fatalities is only six years old. One of the wounded is only one year old. Most of the perpetrators are still at large. This was not national news. So why has the Zimmerman/Martin story been a major nationwide sensation for weeks, with no let up in sight. Why does the media continue to hammer the line “George Zimmerman, a white man” over and over when he is not actually white?

Zimmerman is described by family members as “Hispanic,” and “multiracial.” He clearly has a Mestizo appearance.

Photo Right: Think Progress, the radical left-wing site run by self-described “real life Fox Moulder” Podesta, praised CNN for running 43 segments on Zimmerman. They chastised Fox News for only running one. On two occasions, once exposed Think Progress for publishing a completely fake, and easily disposable, article. On both occasions the purpose of the fake articles was to portray a minority group in a more favorable light.

Update: Think Progress published their article characterizing Fox News as right-wing propaganda for not hammering the Zimmerman story yesterday (Monday, March 19th) at noon. As of noon today (Tuesday, March 20th) Fox News has aired at least FIVE segments in the last 28 hours. Two of them are dated March 19th, and three are dated March 20th. readers are reporting that Fox News has joined with CNN and MSNBC and has been hammering the Zimmerman story all morning.

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