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More recent picture of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin.

Note: Since the media has spent such a massive effort to portray Zimmerman in a bad light, and such a massive effort to portray Trayvon in good light, we feel it is important to get a more balanced look.

Literally tens of thousands of articles and news segments have been published or aired that claim Trayvon was only 140 pounds at the time of the shooting. Here is the actual police report, it lists his weight at 160 pounds.

It is now being reported that Trayvon was suspended for ten days, not just five. Trayvon would have had to do something really bad to get suspended for that long.

For the past 48 hours we have received many e-mails about alleged pictures of Trayvon Martin. Some of the pictures are definitely not really him. Some of them probably are Trayvon, and some we are not sure about.

Top Right: This was posted on the twitter account and the facebook account of someone identifying themselves as Stephen Martin, older brother to Trayvon Martin. Both accounts appear to be authentic.

He looks a little older and little more muscular than the media photos. He also has multiple tattoos on his arm.

More Pictures: The website has pictures that were allegedly taken off of twitter accounts of some of Trayvon’s friends. They appear to be authentic, and some show the same tattoos. One picture also appears to be Trayvon showing off a bunch of gold teeth. However, the website is currently crashing a lot. You can try to access the page here: