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NBPP leader who offered Zimmerman award is arrested.

[youtube Byxd-sVhDz4]

Hashim Nzinga told CNN that he was offering a $10,000 award for “capture” of George Zimmerman. He followed with “clearly I know Obama and Eric Holder will be on our side.” Fliers, believed to have been made by NBPP, have also offered $10,000 for his murder.

Nzinga is a felon and is not allowed to own a gun. He was arrested for illegal possession after trying to pawn a high end combat handgun. The handgun is made by FN in Belgium. It shoots the 5-7 high-velocity bottleneck rounds. The ammunition was developed to match advancements in body armor. The handgun costs about $1,100 in the United States.

FN Herstal 5.7x28 handgun

5.7 x 28 mm ammo. Design to penetrate body armor on the battlefield.