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"Neo-Nazi serial killer" is actually a Muslim Jihadist. Media lied again.

A series of spree killings in France became the single biggest news story in the entire world when the media declared that the perpetrator would turn out to be “a Neo-Nazi.” Once again the media was desperately trying to a make a story fit the political narrative they wanted it to.

Big Surprise. The suspect is an Algerian Muslim Jihadist/Terrorist. He was originally apprehended by the US Army in Afghanistan and turned over to France. The US Army believed him to be connected to Al Quaida. The liberal French authorities set him free in France.


Left-wing French newsoutlets were already reporting that the “Neo-Nazi serial spree killer” would hurt the president campaign of Marine Le Pen. Now that it has been revealed that the killer is an Algerian Jihadist who was coddled by the French authorities, the UK Guardian is calling the events “a gift to the far-right.”