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New Bombshell: Obama's nanny was a transvestite.

When Obama was a little boy in Indonesia, his Marxist screwball of a mother hired an Indonesian transvestite to be his nanny.

So much of Obama’s past is a padlocked secret, because so much of his past is twisted and dark.

When Obama lived in Hawaii with his grandmother, who he now characterizes as being racist, he palled around with an adult who advocated for legalized pederasty.

Frank Marshall, author of Black Sex Rebels. Obama described him a "mentor" in his autobiography.

Frank Marshall is described by Obama in his biography as one of his “mentors.” Marshall was a long time veteran of the Black Power movement. He had moved to Hawaii after being ostracized for advocating for legalized man on boy rape.

Later, near the eve of the 2008 election, three openly homosexual members of Obama’s church died in rapid succession. Two were victims of murder and a third died of AIDs. All three deaths occurred within forty days of each other.

The media has completely censored this from the American public. Obama’s grandmother passed away near the same time, right as she was being thrust into the national spotlight.

Did someone close to Obama commit multiple homicides to cover up secrets. Did any sexual contact occur between Obama and his transvestite nanny or his pro-pederasty “mentor.” These are questions that must be asked.