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Recent Canadian Immigrants "a huge burden."

From Edmonton Sun Website Poll

From Edmonton Sun…

Immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1987 and 2004 received about $6,000 more in government services per per person in 2005 than they paid in taxes, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute.

The cost to taxpayers is between $16 and $23 billion a year, said Herbert Grubel, co-author of the report.

Immigrants who arrive before 1987 made more money and, therefore, paid more in taxes than those who have arrived since, said Grubel and report co-author Patrick Grady, citing data from Statistics Canada.

As a result of Canada’s “welfare-state policies,” social programs and progressive income tax system, “these immigrants impose a huge fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers,” Grubel said.

The researchers reject the notion that immigrants are needed to fill gaps in the workforce, and say the children of new Canadians are not likely to be able to earn enough to make up for the taxpayers’ money their parents received.