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SA Genocide Update: 6 whites killed in farm attacks during Jan. 2012

From TAU…

After it became clear that farm murders in South Africa seems to be on the rise, TAU SA announced an awareness campaign in South Africa as well as internationally.

Since the beginning of January, six farmers were murdered compared to 1 farmer murdered during January 2011.  The number of non-fatal attacks were also higher than in 2011.

TAU SA General Manager, Mr Bennie van Zyl , said this is unacceptable.  “For several years now we have tried to convince the South African government to take action.  Nothing has been done, and the only response we got was that ‘farm attacks are no longer a priority but a mere concern’.  We are convinced that government is turning a deaf ear to our views, and now we have no other choice than to make use of other options to protect our farmers, who are the country’s food producers,” said Mr van Zyl.

[youtube RIdKtOsoEgM]