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Somali immigrants bring child sex slavery to the US.

The children in this picture could be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. You tax dollars will pay to bring them here.

Twenty nine Somali immigrants are charged with using holding a twelve year old and a thirteen year old as sex slaves.  The Somali immigrants live in Tennessee, Minnesota, and Ohio. The ringleaders drove the sex slaves back and forth across the country to different Somali communities.

Remember, the Federal government is using your tax dollars to bring Somali immigrants here. Obama gives grant money to private charities for purpose of bringing “African refugees” to the United States. Once here, your tax dollars to feed, shelter, and clothe them. Virtually all Somali immigrants live on welfare.

To make matters worse, the Federal government makes it extra hard to prosecute a Somali immigrant for a crime. Cities are forced to hire expensive Somali interpreters. Often cities must fly in an interpreter at great expense. Somali immigrants quickly learn that they can get free passes by pretending they can’t speak English. It is routine for Somalians to get a free pass for criminal activity because cities can’t afford to prosecute them for minor crimes.

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