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Stephanie Mohr, who arrested illegal alien drug dealer, finally freed after 8.5 years.

Stephanie Mohr was imprisoned for 8.5 years because she arrested an illegal alien drug dealer and serial burglar.

Stephanie Mohr has finally been freed from prison. She was the police office who arrested an illegal alien drug dealing burglar, only to be persecuted for doing her job.

The thug was eventually convicted of selling cocaine and deported to El Salvador.

Rapid ultra-leftists at the DOJ “Civil Rights Division” then pursued flim flam charges against Mohr for years. They held two trials just to get the conviction they wanted. Black agitation groups had been complaining about the police department and the DOJ decided to throw them a sacrificial lamb. Cases like Mohr’s have fostered an environment where police are afraid to even go after minority criminals for fear of career ending accusations of “racism.”

Mohr was set free last month after 8.5 years. Murderers have spent less time in prison.

From AOL News…

In the early 1990s, Mohr became the first female police officer in the K-9 unit of the Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland. “I knew that I had to work harder than the average male to make my way, but I accepted that and I welcomed that,” Mohr told the Fox affiliate.

After a string of burglaries in Takoma Park, the police set up surveillance and spotted two men on the roof of a store. Mohr and her partner were called in for backup. They ordered the men to get on the ground and show their hands.

But Mohr claims that one of the men’s body movements suggested that he was about to flee. She said that in following protocol she released her dog, Valk, for a “bite and hold” move, to immobilize the man until he could be handcuffed. The dog, as trained, bit into the man’s calf, tearing his muscle.

The man, Ricardo Mendez, a homeless undocumented immigrant, didn’t file a complaint, and Mohr’s commanders signed off on the report. Mendez was ultimately convicted of selling crack cocaine and was deported to El Salvador. The other suspect, Herrera Cruz, pled guilty and was deported to Mexico.

“As for me, I was relieved to get two dangerous drug dealers off our streets,” Mohr wrote after her first two years in jail, in a mailer asking for donations to fund her appeal.

Former PG Police Officer Discusses Her Experience After Serving Prison Time For Police Brutality: