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Swedish media now openly lying about the race of black criminals.

This is what the Swedish public was shown. Does the pink blob look anything like David's actual skin tone?

Mulatto rapper David Jassy who was arrested for murder in Sweden.

In the United States numerous major media bosses have publicly admitted to aggressively censoring black crime. A new trend is to engage in intention distortions. The media will run a story about a black criminal, but show a stock photo of a white guy in handcuffs. This is to make you think they were talking about a white criminal.

The Swedish media has taken this to a new level. The media will report on a crime committed by an African immigrant. A profile of a Caucasian face or a pink pixelated blob will be shown. Instead of looking at someone who most viewers will realize is a stock photo, the viewer thinks they are looking at a representation of the actual criminal. They will also believe that representation is of a white person.

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