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Three young black males lynched. Where is Sharpton?

The crowd prepares to burn the three alive. Photo from West Cape News.

Three young black men were publicly lynched in an extremely horrific way. The trio was accused of stealing. The lynch mob beat them with rocks, then necklaced them. Necklacing is a method of execution popularized by former terrorist leader Winnie Mandela. A gasoline soaked tire is placed around the victim and lit on fire.

So where is Sharpton? Where is the NAACP? Where are the international news stories. Where are the cries for justice?

From West Cape News…

Following a spate of robberies at Enkanini informal settlement in Khayelitsha three men were stoned and then necklaced in a vigilante killing on Monday night.

The men, who had tyres put around their necks and piled on top of them before being set alight, were accused by residents of robbing people’s houses, and were apparently caught trying to steal a television.

Enkanini residents said the owner of the house which was being burgled screamed for help and neighbours rushed to apprehend the thieves, whereupon they beaten them with stones and sticks before burning them alive.

Provincial police spokesperson November Filander said police received a call at about 6.30pm and when they arrived at the scene they found “a large group of people attacking three males near the railway line at Nkanini in Harare, Khayelitsha”.

Filander said the three men had been set alight as residents believed they were responsible for a spate of robberies in the area.

Two of the men were declared dead at the scene while the third, who had managed to crawl out of the burning pyre of tyres, died of his injuries in hospital.