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Trayvon Martin "gangsta" pictures.

Trayvon holding cash

These photos, allegedly from a hacked Facebook account, appear to be authentic.

Was George Zimmerman justified in thinking that Trayvon Martin was suspicious?

Trayvon’s twitter name was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.

He had been suspended multiple times and his mother recently transferred him to a school further away.

The school confiscated some women’s jewelry from Trayvon which was believed to have been stolen.

Based on the 911 audio, Trayvon was in fact behaving in a very suspicious way.

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, his friends sent out numerous tweets that they were smoking marijuana in his honor. Some of his friends even tweeted pictures of marijuana “joints” that they said were “in honor of Tray.” A prominent theory about his suspension is that he was caught selling marijuana at school. However, other theories also exist.

Now alleged screen shots from his Facebook account are circulating online.  If authentic, they show Trayvon was asking a friend about where he can buy more of the prescription narcotic Codeine.

The screen shots were allegedly obtained through a brute force hack of Trayvon’s facebook account, because he used a very simple password.