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Watch the media censor race in anti-homosexaul beating.

A group of black males attacked two men who “they perceived as homosexual” with baseball bats. The media is all too happy to describe this attack as a “hate crime,” which they never do in black on white violence. However, watch the news report censor who actually committed the attack. It was black males who committed the attack.

Despite the fact that African-American males are dramatically more likely to engage in homosexual acts than white American males, they are also far more likely to target homosexuals for violence. This is something the media keeps under wraps by censoring the race of perpetrator in anti-homosexual attacks.

African reaction to Obama's plan to sponsor homosexual rights in Africa.

Recently Obama made it official US policy to spend US taxpayer dollars to fund homosexual rights group and propaganda in foreign countries. Unofficially, Hillary Clinton had already spent millions of your money on this. The US taxpayers even subsidies a Lady Gaga performance at a Homosexual rally near the Vatican. The State Department has caused anti-US backlash in Pakistan, Russia, Italy, and other nations by funding homosexual groups. In Pakistan, the US State Department held a homosexual pride rally inside the embassy prompting anti-US riots outside.

Now Obama and Clinton are pledging to sponsor homosexual rights in Africa. The Africans aren’t happy about it.

From The Atlantic…

After their private ceremony in the Liberian capital, a newly married gay couple traveled with a small group of friends to a strip of shore known locally as Miami Beach. It was a Sunday in late January, a time of year when the sky is often thick with haze, but the private beach was crowded anyway. The group, mostly young gay men, had just started in on their Club Beer, chicken, and Pringles when another beachgoer walked directly into one of the newlyweds. He refused to apologize to “a bunch of fags” and an argument broke out, but it was defused when the beach’s owner threatened to kick them all out if the commotion continued. The man walked off and no one in the wedding party thought much of it.

When they left around 6 pm, the group found a mob of some 20 people waiting for them. The mob threw stones and empty bottles, and the besieged wedding party threw them back. When it was over, only one of them had more than minor injuries: a member of the group had passed out after an asthma attack and had to be carried away. But the altercation, and the violent homophobia that sparked it, highlight the rising tensions surrounding gay rights in Liberia — tensions that have only become more visible since the announcement of a new U.S. policy intended to counter them.