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Wave of teenage murders sweeps Iraq.

One of the victims believed to have been killed over his hairstyle and clothes.

Welcome to the new Democratic Iraq.

Recently the Iraqi Interior Minister declared that teenagers with “strange” clothes and hairstyles to be exhibiting signs that they worship the devil. Following his statements, Iraq has seen a bloodbath, with ninety teenagers being murdered. Many have been killed by being stoned to death. Religious police are blamed for many of the killings.

The Interior Minister of Iraq is now denying that the killings have taken place.

From UK Daily Mail…

Youngsters in Iraq are being stoned to death for having haircuts and wearing clothes that emulate the ‘emo’ style popular among western teenagers.

At least 14 youths have been killed in the capital Baghdad in the past three weeks in what appears to be a campaign by Shia militants.

Militants in Shia neighbourhoods, where the stonings have taken place, circulated lists yesterday naming more youths targeted to be killed if they do not change the way they dress.

The killings have taken place since Iraq’s interior ministry drew attention to the ‘emo’ subculture last month, labelling it ‘Satanism’ and ordering the community police force to stamp it out.

Fans of the ‘emo’ trend – short for emotional – wear tight jeans and have distinctive long, black or spiky haircuts.

The bodies of at least 14 youths have been taken to three hospitals in eastern Baghdad bearing signs of having been beaten to death with rocks.

After reports of the stonings circulated on Iraqi media, the interior ministry said this week that no murders on its files could be blamed on attacks on ‘emos’.

Iraq’s leading Shia clerics have condemned the stonings.

Iraq’s Moral Police released a statement on the interior ministry’s website condemning the ’emo phenomenon’ among Iraqi youth, declaring its intent to ‘eliminate’ the trend.